1. Why Buybest?

Buybest store is a factory online store specialized in bone conduction headsets. Buybest directly cooperates with the headset factory, and directly takes part in the quality check and product test. We offer products at lower costs.


2. Is it normal to get the feeling of vibrations when wearing bone conduction headset?

It is normal to feel the vibration when you wear a bone conduction headset. As the working principle to to transmit sound via vibration to your cheekbones.


3. Is there any harm when wearing bone conduction headset?

It’s much safer and more comfortable to wear bone conduction headphone than the traditional in-ear headphone. Traced to the source, the bone conduction headset is designed to people with hearing loss. That is to say, it helps people to enjoy music with hearing impairment.


4. Where do we ship from?

We have warehouses in China, US and UK. You can choose to get the products nearest to you.


5. What is the estimated arrival time?

Usually it takes 1-2 days for us to handle the parcel. The estimated arrival time for international shipping is 2-3 weeks, and 3-5 days for domestic shipping.


6. What is the Return & Refund policy?

We offer 7-day return guarantee. For any product in case of quality problem, we offer 100% refund or replacement. If you don’t like the products, but the quality is good, the buyer will be responsible for the return costs.


7. How do i track my order?

You can choose the right carrier and track your order at https://www.17track.net/ or contact us via service@buybest.com for your shipping details.